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Below is a list of classes that run every week at Pawsitive Kinection. To inquire about enrolling or if you have questions about a specific class, please contact us.




  • We offer a variety of classes geared towards a positive, fun learning experience for both the dog and handler. We do offer private lessons when time permits, and are happy to custom tailor classes for our students and their canine partners. 

  • With each class we try to build the curriculum around current students and their dogs. Not all dogs are created equal and not all dog owners are created equal. We think it's important to take advantage of the strengths of each dog and handler partnership and build their education from the ground up. 


  • If you have specific training or class questions please feel free to contact us to discuss what would work for you and your dog. 

  • Private lessons are also available and will be tailored to your individual goals. 

  • Agility classes are 5 sequential weeks for $150

  • Agility classes run on Monday through Thursday evenings

For any questions about our agility classes, please contact us!

Or go straight to our registration page to sign up!



Rally obedience is a fun obedience based sport that emphasizes the relationship between dog and handler that encourages communication. It combines basic obedience skills and maneuvers in a course format that allows the team to progress through it at their own speed. This is a great class for those interested in exploring something new to do with their dog. Each week will include a novice course as well as an advanced/excellent course for teams to work through together. All novice signs will be covered each session. This class is open to any dog or any age. Basic obedience is helpful but not required.

Rally classes are taught by Rae.


Rally classes typically run on Thursday evenings for $120 per session.


Contact us for more information or complete the registration through the link below to sign up!

**Check back for new sessions starting 2020**

Tricks for Kicks


Go beyond the basics with our Trick Dog Class at Pawsitive Kinection. Trick training is great for any dog regardless of age, size or skill level and is a great source of mental stimulation. This 5 week class offers not only instruction in how to teach a variety of tricks but also offers a great way to strengthen the relationship between you and your canine partner. Tricks taught will be primarily from AKC’s Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Tricks Checklist and will be helpful in preparing any team interested in earning Trick Dog Titles.


Tricks classes are taught by Rae.

Trick Classes will be held Thursday evenings. Classes will run for 5 weeks for $120.

For any questions about our tricks classes don't hesitate to contact us or go right to our registration page and sign up!

**New Sessions**

Check back for dates

Try It!


Looking for something new and fun to do with your dog, but not sure what class with be a good fit?


Check out our new Try It! class at Pawsitive Kinection! This is a seminar style class offered once a month that allows you to try out different classes and opportunities currently offered at Pawsitive Kinection including Agility, Rally, and Tricks! Try It! class is a great way to sample some of the different sports out there so you can find the best fit for you and your dog without committing to a full 5 week session!

For any questions about our Try It! class don't hesitate to contact us or go right to our registration page and sign up!

**Check Back for 2020 Seminar Dates**

Dee offers a variety of classes at Pawsitive Kinection.

For more information on Dees classes schedule and to register please go to her site or email her directly.


Below is a list of her Saturday  classes held at Pawsitive Kinection.

For specific times and requirements and to register for Dees classes, please contact her directly thorough her website.


  • Small Dog & Puppy Socialization & Play  puppies 9 weeks and under 5 months of age  Obstacles to walk on and through. We only have a few good months to really work on these skills a short period of time in which to become accustomed to all of the sights and sounds of the whole wide world in a controled setting. In this hands on class, you will learn how to safely and positively expose your puppy to new things so that she grows up to be a confident, well-adjusted dog. During this class, your puppy will meet new people, play with other puppies and be exposed to lots of props, including hats, walkers, strollers, skateboards and more. We will teach Name recognition, permission games, exchange games, loose lead walking will be touched upon plus handling skills. 

  •  Level 1 - open to dogs of all ages 5 months and up who require basic training.  This course focuses on self control skills required to develop a well behaved dog that will be an ambassador for his breed, rather than a public nuisance.   Focusing on EYE contact, recall work, permission games, Loose lead walking skills, Sit for Greeting. This is “lifestyle”  obedience  not competition obedience exercises.  This course is designed for both the family pet dog and those dogs who might go on to peruse competition dog sports navigating obstacles that are safe and help with learning to know how to use their bodies. 


  • Level 2 - CGC Prep - Continuing from level 1 and now adding the 4 D’s CGC Prep Course  working on building the relationship and continuing to work for off lead skills building a strong bond. Working toward  CGC degree through  AKC visit     we like to train off site as much as we can.

  • Level 3

  • ​CGC Prep

  • Control Unleashed

Please go to Dee's website for the latest up to date information and to register.

For questions regarding Dee's classes please contact Dee directly or 735-5543


Classes with Dee Ganley

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