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Here at Pawsitive Kinection we are happy to have a solid group of core trainers, assistants and guest trainers. Below you can find a bit more information about them.


Jessica Davis - Owner/Founder of Pawsitive Kinection

What was once was a life of corporate jobs, was traded in to pursue her love of everything dog. Starting with just a border collie mix that was simply a household pet, Jessica got her first Australian Shepherd in 2000. One exceptionally well behaved australian shepherd quickly turned Jessica adopting her second australian shepherd and all the behavior issues that can come along with a rescue dog.   Since her adoption of Boomer, Jessica quickly threw herself into the world of dog training, focusing on canine sports. Jessica has an intuitive approach to the human and canine relationship, with her training style focusing on a positive reinforcement approach and using energy and communication to form a successful partnership. She has over 18 years of agility experience 12 years of teaching experience, and has competed at the top levels in most venues. Adding to her bag of tricks, Jessica apprenticed with a master groomer and started grooming in 2011 opening her own shop in 2013. Jessica also founded Granite State Disc Dogs, has competed at USDDN worlds, and Dock Dock Worlds. She currently competed in agility, disc dog, herding and dock diving. She also cross-trains her dogs by hiking, scootering bikejoring and skijoring.  When Jessica isn’t competing, she is focusing on working on a deeper understanding on how dogs learn and communicate and how to effectively incorporate that into a training program.

Specialties- Agility, Disc Dog, Cross Training, Intuitive Training, Reiki, Animal Communication

Kate Viles - Owner/Partner Pawsitive Kinection

Kate started doing agility approximately 21 years ago and has competed at the top levels in most agility venues, and has been very successful with her Aussies. Kate got her first aussie in 1983 and never looked back. She has established a successful breeding program in Vermont focusing on sound, athletic and biddable dogs. Although Kate started agility before Jessica, she never really taught until assisting Jessica at her classes in the Upper Valley. Kate has successfully set up a RAW dog food distribution program. Aside from doing agility, Kate actively works as a cardiac nurse, manages and owns a sheep and duck farm with her husband Rich and actively works her dogs on a daily basis to keep the farm critters in line. Kate is available  not only for agility classes and lessons, but she also teaches herding lessons on her farm in Hartland, VT.
For more information about Kate please visit her site

Specialties - Agility, Herding, Raw Dog Food

Sharayah "Rae" Baier

After years of begging her parents for a dog, Rae got her first Aussie, Rusty, at age 10 and he quickly became her best friend and constant companion. He was by no means a dog for a novice owner and taught Rae a lot about what not to do. He was her first introduction to dog behavior and training. 

Years later, Rae adopted Ryder, a young Texas heeler, and jumped back into the world of dog training. While in Texas she assisted and taught puppy classes, household obedience, and CGC classes. Wanting to do more but not being quite ready to jump into the rigidity of competitive obedience, Rae began to explore other dog sports and stumbled on Rally Obedience. After teaching herself the signs, she began setting courses for weekend practices with friends and eventually transitioned to teaching classes and private lessons. 

When her Aussie mix, Rumor, joined the pack, Rae began training in agility and immediately became addicted to the sport. Her youngest dog, an Aussie Cattle Collie mix named Rugby, introduced her to the world of disc dog and yet another addiction took shape. She still enjoys agility but disc with all of it’s tricks has quickly become her favorite sport to play and train with her dogs. Rae has competed at USDDN World Finals and qualified for the work finals in both AWI  and SkyHoundz. She currently competes most actively in disc and agility, though she still steps into the rally ring and onto the dock every so often. When not pursuing her love of all things dog, Rae works as an Occupational Therapist and plans to eventually pursue her certification in canine rehab.

Specialties - Tricks, Rally, and Agility Foundations

H. Carol Williams

For 50 years raising dogs and training them as good citizens is my highest priority with soundness of mind, and body. I have been a small scale breeder of Alaskan Malamute’s. I have attended seminars presented by Rachel Page Elliot and Dr. Quinten La Ham, these seminars were in the anatomy, structure and movement of the dog.  My activities include: sledding, obedience, agility, and actively showing in conformation.  Multiple Championships have been obtained, with yours truly as well as use of a handler. Most recently December of 2015 a Championship was obtained with a bitch just 23 days shy of her 11th birthday.  Awards have been received over the years from the Alaskan Malamute Club of America and the Yankee Alaskan Malamute Club of New England. These awards were in New England and Nationally. I have judged Multiple Alaskan Malamute Sweepstakes one of these being in San Diego, California 2014 which was a national voting membership to obtain the prestigious event. I have also Judged The Working Dog and the Top Twenty Dog Showcase at our Nationals.

Instructor experience is in level 1 obedience and conformation handling. Obedience students were usually owners who wanted some training techniques.  Conformation students have gone on to be owner handlers showing their dogs to Championships and winning over handlers.

Conformation classes are upbeat, intuitively instructive, with gentle critiquing. Music is used to understand rhythm. Instructions include: treats, training/showing equipment, anatomy, stacking, gaiting, patterns, dogs that are stacked on tables and understanding dog shows.  Open discussion in the importance of comfortable clothing, proper shoes, and color of clothing in showing dogs. Examples of basic color plagues of cloth are used to demonstrate the best color to compliment you dog.

Conformation Handling

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Lead Trainers


Guest Trainers

Ariane M. Bailey, CPDT-KA

Ariane grew up in rural Maine surrounded by a variety of companion and farm animals.  She adopted her first dog almost ten years ago and instantly fell in love with dog training, instruction, and the canine sports world.  Ariane has her CPDT-KA certification and is the Senior Instructor at Pet Education and Therapy, LLC, in Connecticut where she teaches family manners classes and competition sports classes.  She also offers online instruction through private Facebook groups and Dog Sport University.

Ariane started teaching Scentwork eight years ago as a way to help dogs gain confidence and to develop a good working relationship with their handler.  Scentwork is a sport unlike any other and handlers must be keen observers of their dog’s behavior and know when to let their dogs lead the search and when to offer support.  Ariane and her Australian Shepherds, Jacob and Skye, have competed in a variety of Scentwork venues, including AKC, PSD, and USCSS, earning numerous titles and awards.  Ariane and her canine partners compete and have titled in a number of other canine sports: Disc Dog, Agility, Barn Hunt, Obedience, and Rally Obedience.  Her dogs have championships in Agility and Rally, have been nationally ranked for the past three years in WCRL Rally, and have qualified for and competed in national level competitions in Agility, Barn Hunt, and Disc Dog and have also qualified in Rally.  Ariane is also a certified Disc Dog judge.  They also perform demonstrations at a variety of events and have performed onstage with The Hartford Symphony Orchestra and modeled for catalog and calendar photoshoots. 

Ariane’s philosophy in working with people and their canine teammates is that training and working with your dog should be fun and should enhance their relationship.  Ariane loves helping teams fine tune complex behaviors and grow as a team and she excels at focusing on the different needs of each team.  Ariane has experience working with anxious, fearful, and reactive dogs and enjoys helping those teams build confidence and a toolbox of skills to help increase their comfort in the world around them.

Scentwork Series

Laura Campbell

Laura started out as one of Jessica’s agility students with her first aussie Sydney, unfortunately Sydney’s career was short lived due to her being diagnosed with Addison’s Disease. As classes began to grow, Jessica asked Laura to assist her because of her new, fresh and enthusiastic perspective on training. Laura has had lots of success on the agility field, but her focus has turned to disc dog. Laura has done well in both regional and local competitions and has also attended USDDN worlds. Tragically Laura's second Aussie Tek passed unexpectedly to suspected vaccine complications right in his prime. However in Laura took a chance on a second hand rescue dog Ripley and has had incredible success with him of the disc field. Laura also has a young and sassy pup Tuesday that is going to be a top contender!

Laura is an Accomplished photographer and also the Owner of Your one stop dog disc shop!

Amanda Shyne

Amanda Shyne is the founder of Data Driven Agility.  Amanda loves all animals and pursued a graduate degree studying animal behavior at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Her PhD dissertation examined the effects of environmental enrichment on zoo animal welfare. Due to her training as a researcher her agility school takes a scientific approach to agility and dog training as it is constantly looking for the most effective ways to communicate course direction to dogs.  Amanda is not afraid to try new techniques and enjoys taking seminars as much as she does teaching them.  One of her catch phrases, “Good to know,” reminds her students that all data is important even if it suggests the need for more training.  Amanda loves agility and will continue to learn from her dogs for the rest of her life. 

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