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Go beyond the basics with our Trick Dog Classes at Pawsitive Kinection. Trick training is great for any dog regardless of age, size or skill level and is a great source of mental stimulation. Each of these 4 week classes offer not only instruction in how to teach at least 10 tricks at each level but also a great way to strengthen the relationship between you and your canine partner. These classes will be helpful in preparing any team interested in earning Trick Dog Titles. Tricks 1 This class will cover the basics of trick training including an introduction to the most common methods for training behaviors. Tricks taught will include behaviors such as spin, shake, and hold. This class will prepare students to earn a Novice Trick Dog Title. ​ Tricks 2 In this class, teams will learn more challenging tricks such as arm hoops, leg weaving, and crawl. This class will prepare students to earn an Intermediate Trick Dog Title. ​ Tricks 3 This class will work on behavior chains as well as more complex tricks such as orbit, backup, say your prayers and many more. This class will prepare students to earn an Advanced Trick Dog Title.

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